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(CLOB) ■ At the closing ceremony of the TPS innovation training course for all employees, Mr. Shim emphasized the need for thinking in terms of innovation.
■ With innovative ideas for minimizing waste the company will save 60.2 billion won by the end of this year.

LS Mtron (CEO: Jae-Seol Shim), a subsidiary of LS Group focusing on machinery and components, hosted the closing ceremony of the TPS (Toyota Production System) innovation training course for all employees at the Korea Productivity Education Center (KPEC) in Chungcheongnam-do on the 27th. Mr. Shim said, “innovation is not a special project ? it is simply a rediscovery of our everyday need to minimize waste and increase efficiency.” He went on to emphasize the need to think in terms of innovation. He added that, “using innovative and customized activities, including 6 sigma, VE (Value Engineering) and 3C-5S ideas, the company will save 60.2 billion won by the end of this year.”

LS Mtron successfully hosted the 3-day TPS innovation training courses composed of 21 terms for all of the 1,500 executives and employees, from factory floor workers to the directors of the company, from March 16th to May 29th. Also, as part of the mutual support plans for small-to-mid-sized companies, it will host the same training courses for the leaders of about 70 of its key subcontractors in June.

This training course was developed to understand the basic philosophy and methodology of the TPS that has been successfully instituted worldwide by Toyota, and to apply the system to field operations so as to establish a unique LPS (LS Mtron Production System). The course included a lecture on the overview of TPS and its core principles, practices to apply the techniques to field operations, and teamwork activities. Especially, Mr. Shim, despite his busy schedule, personally lectured in a special class for each of the 21 terms for 3 months to motivate the employees by presenting his faith in and vision for innovation.

To think over the meaning of this training course and to express the company’s strong will for innovation, LS Mtron also hosted the ‘Planting Innovation Trees’ event in which Mr. Shim and Mr. Gwang-Yeol Jeong, the CEO of KPEC, were also present.