Here's the news from the LS tractor.


(CLOB) LS Cable (CEO: Koo, Ja-Yeol) inaugurates the new LS Cable factory building in July 13, 2006 as it commences a new Jeonju era. 

LS Cable started the transfer of the agricultural machinery division in September 2005, which was located in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do. They recently completed the transfer of injection and air conditioning division to Jeonju, Jeonrabuk-do. The Jeonju factory of LS Cable is equipped with the state-of-the-art production facility including tractor, injection, air conditioning system, etc., in a site measuring 46,000 pyungs (152,000 m2) inside the Jeonbuk Science Industrial Complex in Bongeup-dong, Wanju-gun, Jeonrabuk-do. The welfare complex for company staff is also being prepared, including a company dormitory and apartment for about 250 households in a nearby area. 

The Agricultural machinery division which was the first transferred to Jeonju in September 2005. They have since produced the No. 1 tractor brand in October, and is now equipped with the state-of-the-art technology tractor drive test site as well as production equipment. 

For the Injection division whose transfer was completed recently, it made the flow production of small injection and automatic injection production line available, and also made the mixed production of small and medium-sized injection available by composing 14 production cells. 

The Air conditioning division that’s producing the heating and cooling system for building could also enhance production efficiency and product quality through the optimization of the production line. Besides the cutting-edge production line, LS Cable also provides support for the welfare of company staff moving from Gunpo to Jeonju. For this reason, the company purchased an apartment building near the factory and leases them to the company employees. They also constructed staff dormitory with four stories above ground and one below in a site measuring 9,700 pyungs (32,000 m2) near the factory. It is equipped with 4 blocks of living quarters, a swimming pool, fitness center, table tennis court, driving range, etc. LS Cable decided to open the swimming pool and the driving range inside the dormitory to the local residents with the detailed plan under preparation.

The machinery business which started the Jeonju era is the business undertaking of the Gunpo factory of Korea Heavy Industries in 1983. Making a big profit for 2 years continuously ? 388 million US$ in sales, 23 million US$ in operating profit in 2005 ? this business is the fastest growing unit for LS Cable. The machinery business of LS Cable sets the sales goal this year at 455 million US$, a 15% increased from last year.