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2016 LS Tractor Photo Contest in Korea


LS Tractor runs its 5th Photo Contest in Korea. The contests made some beautiful tractor photo pieces and a lot of photographers excited for its big prize money. This tractor contest is becoming the biggest photo contest in Korea because of  its grand first prize money which is about USD 5,000. 


The 5th contest just started on 1st of September and it will go until 31th of December this year. The subject of the contest is the Love Story with Rural and Tractor. LS tractor decided to broaden the range of contest category in order to make ordinary people participate in the contest as well as professional & amateur photographers. Especially, Find the new tractor award which is new from this contest, is for the people who find out our brand-new tractor and take a photo with smart phone or tablet PC. These days, almost all the people have smart phones and they can take a photo easily with them. For this reason, LS tractor can encourage LS tractor fan and customer to take part in the contest with their own photo.

LS tractor is excited to receive some good photos and also thankful for those efforts the photographers make to get good photos. 

The appearance of tractor and monk climbing a snowy mountain pass together makes an audiences heart relaxed. (Accompany’ - Daejin Kim)


The appearances of Sky with a ruddy sunset, the rice before harvest, tractor and farmer after their work makes an audiences heart affluent. (Coexistence’ - Sangkyu Kim)


The tractor which is lifting bunch of sacks and the summit of a mountain in background seem to deliver intense vitality to us. (Potato sowing’ - Seungman Byun)


Following the path which the tractor passed, the appearance of everybody harvests potatoes together make us feel an atmosphere of the past. (Potato harvest' - Kibeom Han)