Here's the news from the LS tractor.



LS Mtron is set on penetrating the global market with the completion of engine plant that is the heart of a tractor

■ Completed the state-of-the-art tractor engine plant that can produce 60,000 units annually with the investment of KRW 50 billion

■ Penetrating the global market by producing the eco-friendly Tier4 engine and securing the competitive advantage for quality and price

■ “The completion of tractor engine plant is another milestone to penetrate the global market CEO Jae-Seol Shim said. “We will achieve annual sales of KRW 1 trillion for tractor in 2016.”

LS Mtron (CEO Jae-Seol Shim), an affiliate of LS Group specializing in industrial machinery and state-of-the-art components, said on June 26 that it has completed the state-of-the-art tractor engine plant in order to meet the demand for engine in the tractor business, secure a competitive advantage in the global tractor market and respond to the exhaust emission regulations. The opening event and inaugural ceremony of plant was held and attended by about 200 people including CEO of LS Mtron Jae-Seol Shim, Senior Executive Vice President of LS Mtron Kwang Won Lee and governor of Wanju-gun Sung Il Park.  

This newly completed engine plant has an annual production capacity of 60,000 units and is expected to produce tractor engines ranging from 30 horsepower to 73 horsepower. A total of KRW 50 billion has been invested for 4 years. The site area is 23,223m2 and the total floor area is 8,460m2. To create synergies, the plant is located in the techno-valley complex near Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do where the Tractor Business Division of LS Mtron is also located.

LS Mtron built the flexible production system suitable for small quantity batch production in order to maximize the efficiency of engine plant. In addition, the plant is equipped with the facility to secure the standardization and quality of engine production and is also equipped with the system to automatically verify real-time engine production status through the application of RFID to all the processes. In particular, the plant has established the base infrastructure to produce the best engine by installing the clean room in order to maintain the cleanliness of a fuel system that is the essence of Tier4 engine.

A Tier 4 engine, which is a major product of the new engine plant, is the outcome of LS Mtron’s know-h...