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  • CEO Kim yeon soo
  • Welcome to the website of LS Mtron.

    LS Mtron is advancing to become a “Global No. 1 Company” in industrial
    machinery and high-tech components.

    For a more convenient and pleasant world, we at LS Mtron are
    ceaselessly promoting changes and innovation guided by our vision to
    become an “Be the ONE* Outstanding People, Best-in-Class Product,
    Winning Partnership.”

    In addition, through continuous technology development, we are
    playing our part to help create a new world. Through such efforts,
    LS Mtron is being positioned securely as a genuine partner for its
    customers and the world.

    With a progressive spirit and a passion to challenge frontiers,
    we at LS Mtron will never cease to pursue innovation in order to create
    greater values for our customers.We sincerely promise to do the utmost
    to become a company that is trusted by all.

    Thank you very much.

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Welcome Message

We pursue Technological Leadership to satisfy our customers’ needs in agricultural business